Work Mates Client Gains Interpersonal Skills and Employment Opportunities

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In just a short time with STEPS Seth has already achieved a great deal. Seth started out as a quiet and reserved young man who had trouble to even make eye contact when talking to others. After spending some time in our Work Mates Program and Disability Employment Service (DES), Seth has improved in both verbal and interpersonal skills.

Along with Work Mates, Seth has expanded his skill by undertaking voluntary employment with Hobart City Mission, where Seth has worked on building invaluable skills aimed at future employment including working across teams, coordinating stock, money handling, and customer support. This opportunity has allowed Seth to put into action the skills that he learnt in his time with the Work Mates program. This has also led to Seth seeking further volunteer employment with the Dogs Home of Tasmania where he has expanded his skills to include animal management and support.

Seth was then provided the opportunity to attend an info session with YourTown for a Pre-Employment Training Program offering the possibility of paid employment during or upon completion of the program. Seth attended a short interview after completing the info session, where he was asked questions about himself and knowledge of power tools. Shortly afterwards YourTown staff informed Seth that he was successful for the program and that they are looking forward to having him as part of the team.  

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