Our Partners

Our Partners

At STEPS, we recognise the power of collaboration and the importance of strong partnerships. Together with our valued partners, we work towards a shared vision of empowering individuals, fostering inclusive communities, and creating positive change.

Collaborating for Impact

STEPS partners with communities, local business, industry, training and support organisations, and government to deliver innovative projects that provide opportunities for individuals and communities to thrive.

Charity Partners

We’re creating a brighter future for people with a disability and autism through Australia’s first and only boarding College dedicated to teaching skills for an independent life.

You see we think that people with a disability and autism can be more, do more, and live better lives.  

Currently, the opportunities for people with a disability and autism are limited.  We want your help to change that and help us provide hope to individuals, families and carers for a brighter future. 

Partner With STEPS To Make A Difference

Join us in making a meaningful difference by partnering with STEPS. Together, we can create positive change, empower individuals, and build stronger, more inclusive communities.