Specialised Service Makes STEPS Employment Solutions a Standout

STEPS Employment Solutions liaises with local employers and people looking for work across Australia to match the right skills to the right job, every time. Specialising in supporting recruitment for people with injury, illness and disability, the team at STEPS Employment Solutions has a broad range of experience, skills and qualifications to suit the needs […]

Skilling the Future Workforce

STEPS Education & Training deliver courses and programs across Australia and pride themselves on structuring training in collaboration with local industry to ensure students graduate with skills that meet local employer needs. Their focus on industry partnerships and flexible delivery achieves successful outcomes for both employers and students, with particular success in the Sunshine Coast […]

Ten top interview tips – STEPS Employment Solutions

FINDING A JOB CAN BE HARD WORK. LUCKILY WE’RE HERE TO HELP. Our experience in helping people with injury, illness or disability find work has made STEPS Employment Solutions a trusted name in providing supported employment services. We can help you prepare for work and find a job that’s right for you. Our professional consultants […]

6 ways volunteering can benefit you and your career

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Looking for work? Volunteering has many benefits but did you know it can also benefit your career? Here’s how you can improve your employability and make volunteering work for you. Volunteering can: Give you an opportunity to try new things and discover what you are passionate about. If you are unsure about what direction you […]

6 tips to land a job interview

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Job searching? The process can sometimes be long and stressful. You can ease the pressure by following these easy steps to secure an interview for the job you want. 1. Write a brief resume and cover letter A resume and cover letter is your chance to make a good first impression, so spend some time […]