Specialised Service Makes STEPS Employment Solutions a Standout

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STEPS Employment Solutions liaises with local employers and people looking for work across Australia to match the right skills to the right job, every time.

Specialising in supporting recruitment for people with injury, illness and disability, the team at STEPS Employment Solutions has a broad range of experience, skills and qualifications to suit the needs of almost every industry.

STEPS Employment Solutions manager Liza Brock says what makes them different is the individualised service they provide to both employers and jobseekers.

“We take the time to get to know our clients, providing jobseekers with one on one support and matching them with employment in areas in which they have the skills to succeed,” Liza said.

“Working with a broad range of businesses to provide free recruitment service is a win-win situation because we not only find the best fit staff for the business, we really get to know and work closely with businesses to provide the best possible recruitment solutions.

“And, we offer ongoing support to make sure candidates are meeting objectives and expectations.”

STEPS also provides a specialised mental health program in Bundaberg which aims to support and empower individuals, reduce stigma and skill workforces to better support people with a mental illness.

“STEPS helps to break down barriers for people with mental illness through our close work with local businesses and strategic partnerships with community organisations and government,” Liza said.

While finding work can be difficult generally, Liza says it can be especially difficult when the job seeker feels stressed, anxious or depressed.

“Finding employment can play a pivotal role in mental wellbeing, which is why STEPS Employment Solutions offers tailored support and advice to assist clients with their career pathways and provides on-the-job support to ensure the best outcome for both the employer and employee,” she said.

While the benefits for jobseekers with a disability to find gainful employment may initially be more obvious, the message STEPS is sending loud and clear is that the benefits work both ways.

“Studies show that people with a disability take fewer days off, take less sick leave and stay in jobs longer than other workers, with real cost savings being realised through less staff turnover and lower recruitment costs,” Liza says.

“That’s just the start of a long list of benefits that people with disability bring to a workplace. Not only do they add to a company’s diversity, they can also enhance their reputation to both customers and the community. So ultimately, it makes good business sense to employ people with a disability.”

STEPS’ hope is that one day all employers will focus on the person and their abilities, not their injury, illness or disability.

For help with finding work or for free recruitment support phone STEPS Employment Solutions on 1300 078 377

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