STEPS Pathways College opened earlier this year and we couldn’t be happier with how well students settled into their new routines. The young adults all met for the first time at the College Open Day in April, where they also toured the beautiful new purpose-built accommodation units that have become their home for the year-long course.

The students have shown great enthusiasm and participation as they start to develop skills in the various learning areas. A popular aspect for all the young adults has been finding their favourite recipes, going grocery shopping and preparing their food.

The students have loved learning about nutrition and the different ways they can make a meal healthier. The beautiful BBQ on the patio between the accommodation units has been taken for a spin with the residents making the most of it throughout the State of Origin season. It’s been great to see the students share in the joy of cooking together and enjoying mealtimes with their new friends and flatmates.

The group has started to learn the basics of managing their personal finances and practice sticking to a budget. Excursions off campus have given a wealth of opportunities to practice making payments, using public transport and engaging in the community.

The students enjoy using nearby parks for fitness and socialising and with the weather warming up we’re sure the local beaches will soon be a popular option for weekends and spare time.

College students have formed a close group in the short time they have been living and learning together. They have begun to pick up the skills that will see them become good neighbours and residents in their community.

The group has shared many wonderful memories already from practical lessons to birthday celebrations and we can’t wait to watch them grow throughout the course as they practice their skills for independence.

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