New trial provides hope for mental illness sufferers looking for work

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New holistic approach to employment for people with mental illness gaining positive results

Details of a new trial trial aimed at improving job opportunities for people suffering from mental illness were revealed at the annual national Jobs Australia conference in Sydney this month.

The trial will be held across multiple, randomly chosen sites across Australia and will involve employment specialists working in collaboration with mental health teams to provide individualised support for mentally ill jobseekers.

Mental Health Program Manager for Steps Group Australia, Liza Scriven, announced the trial at the recent conference to employment industry leaders from around the country.

Ms Scriven, who was the first employment specialist in Queensland to partner with Qld Mental Health treating teams to deliver targeted employment solutions, said the evidence to date for co-located employment service models was irrefutable.

“It can be very difficult for those suffering from a mental illness to get and then hold down a job when the nature of mental illness is often cyclic and psychotic episodes are common”, Liza said.

“I truly believe that working with mental health treating staff to find work for people with a mental illness is absolutely fundamental to gaining sustainable, and importantly meaningful, work”, she said.

“An holistic, supportive approach provides jobseekers with greater confidence leading to improved independence and a happier, more inclusive life”, she said.

Steps will be promoting Mental Health Awareness training and Mental Health First Aid training throughout Mental Health Week from the 7th to the 12th of October.

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