Local Business Identities Step up to Support Families

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STEPS Charity helped rally the troops recently to deliver a message of kindness and support to local Sunshine Coast families facing uncertain times due to coronavirus this Easter. 

The Fleet Office director Jim Lee along with Toyota dealership proprietor Brett Mills and Maleny Supa IGA owner Rob Outridge pulled their collective resources together to ensure local families won’t be going without some essential items this Easter. 

Fifty local families in need received a special care package full of essential household items – and a few Easter eggs – thanks to the collaborative efforts of three local business identities and STEPS. 

Mr Lee said he contacted STEPS managing director Carmel Crouch, to see how many families were in need due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus. 

“With the STEPS Autism Treehouse Trek for Autism postponed this year we wanted to do something practical to support local families who are in need,” Mr Lee said. 

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of families doing it tough at the moment and the reasons why they are struggling has had a significant impact on me personally.  

“I reached out to my good mates in Brett Mills and Rob Outridge and together we came up with the care package idea. 

“Rob has been very generous with supplying the goods and Brett has enlisted his team, including Ken Mills Toyota ambassador Laura Scherian, to help deliver the items,” he said. 

STEPS Autism Treehouse charity manager Anne Nioa also rolled up her sleeves to help pack up the goods, as they were whisked away to families in need. 

“We know that in these extraordinary times it’s really important to help support the most vulnerable in our community, we’re absolutely blown away by the amazing efforts of Jim and his team,” Ms Nioa said. 

“It’s just great to see such positivity and kindness in our current climate, we really hope others will see this and be inspired to help too. 

“STEPS are remaining strong and we’ll keep on in delivering for our communities, but we are facing uncertain times, and we know how important it is to rally together to help in these times. 

Maleny IGA owner Rob Outridge said he got involved because STEPS is a well-known local charity, that does great work, and Jim is his good friend.

“Jim’s so generous, he wanted to pay for everything himself, and for us to make no discounts, what he doesn’t know when he gets the bill, we’ve applied some discounts, and we’re happy to do that: A it’s Jim and B: It’s STEPS,” Mr Outridge said.

Brett Mills said he’s holding onto all his staff, but he realised they’re entering a slow period due to coronavirus, so he reached out to STEPS to ask what they can do to help.

“I’m personally very happy to get out today in the sunshine, and to not have to think about much because it’s been fatiguing, for employers, employees and for everyone,” he said.

“It’s just nice to get out and do something that makes everyone feel good.”

Australian diamond netball player and Ken Mills Toyota ambassador Laura Scherian said she saw the opportunity to be able to get out and help those in need.

“Brett said he was doing the drive today and it was a perfect opportunity for me to jump in and be able to help out a bit,” she said.

“Obviously the world’s a bit of a strange place at the moment and everyone needs to help each other out in any way they can,” she said.

STEPS Charity encourage locals to continue to support their local charities to help the most vulnerable in the community, for more information contact our team today

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