Josh Hansen celebrates his 16th year with STEPS

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Mental health programs manager Josh Hansen with STEPS Charity Manager and CEO

Josh Hansen has been a part of the STEPS Community for 16 years and is passionate about helping people grow supportive networks.

He loves the outdoors and when he’s not camping or fishing, he works hard to support people with mental health issues get out and about in the community and reach their goals.

Get to know Josh, Manager for Mental Health Programs at STEPS Community Support.

Have you had any memorable moments at STEPS that stand out?

I have witnessed some amazing individual journeys of achievement over the years and being a part of those successes in some small way is always satisfying. The annual STEPS Autism Treehouse Christmas Party always stands out as a favourite for me. To see the joy and excitement that event brings to the kids sums up why we do what we do at STEPS.

What made you want to work with STEPS? What attracted you to the role?

The values and culture at STEPS, that is what makes working here so great. It’s so worthwhile, being a part of an organisation that is built on integrity, respect, understanding and courage. When investing so much of my time and energy, I need to feel connected to the organisation and the people. That is why I have been a part of the STEPS team for so long, when you have a team of people who are engaged in and passionate about their work and who share a common purpose, that is when you achieve great results.

What is your favourite part of your job?

The people for sure! When working with people no two days are the same and I enjoy that. What is the most valuable thing you have learnt in your role? To never forget where you have come from, and to never stop listening and learning.

What do you think people enjoy most about STEPS?

I think people enjoy the flexibility to choose how their supports are delivered to them. STEPS prides itself on delivering services that are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Who are you happy to have met at STEPS? Why?

It is hard to pick just one person, when so many come to mind! From our Managing Director Carmel Crouch to our CEO Kerry Staines, and all our hands-on staff delivering our services, I am truly humbled and privileged to work with a team and an organisation who share such enthusiasm and passion for helping people.

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