Job searching? The process can sometimes be long and stressful. You can ease the pressure by following these easy steps to secure an interview for the job you want.

1. Write a brief resume and cover letter

A resume and cover letter is your chance to make a good first impression, so spend some time on it. It’s a good idea to personalise each resume for the position you’re applying for. Try to be brief but convincing, highlight your strengths, capabilities and achievements – in short, help the employer to see why you’re the best person for the job.

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2. Organise your job references

Job references are crucial to the job applying process. Ask people who can best provide you with a positive recommendation if they will provide you a reference and let them know about the job you are going for before you share their details with potential employers so they are prepared. Give them a brief outline of the job description and what you would like from them.

Find out more about how to generate great job references.

3. Make a list of job openings that suit your skill set

Search for the right job for you. Read the job description carefully and make sure you meet the criteria – note down each position that is suitable. Make sure your search includes employment websites, community message boards and social media but also use your network by asking friends and family if they know of any job opportunities.

Find some of the best job search sites.

4. Make sure your personal life is private

While you are job hunting it’s a good idea to apply privacy settings to personal social media accounts.

It’s now pretty standard for prospective employers to look up job candidates on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. So don’t let your social media activity lessen your chances of being hired.

5. Start applying for jobs

A good way to approach the job search is by focusing on quality over quantity. Concentrate on applying for the roles you most want and are qualified for, and tailor and target your resume to those positions.

Some job openings require you to complete a job application as well as submitting your resume and cover letter. Concentrate on making the best application for a small number of job openings, rather than sending out 50 resumes that don’t stand out.

The repetitiveness of job searching can be challenging so do aim to stay positive and motivated.

6. Stay connected

Make sure you can be easily contacted. You may need to keep your phone with you during regular business hours and regularly check your junk email to ensure no emails slip past.

Don’t sit around waiting for employers to call you. Keep searching, a brand new day may mean a brand new job opening! Keep in mind that most employers only notify the successful applicants, so if you haven’t heard back, it’s fair to assume you didn’t make the shortlist. But keep looking!

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