Suncoast Spinners take on local radio hosts in a wheelchair basketball game

Almost 100 people turned out to watch the Suncoast Spinners take on radio hosts Dave, Sam and Ash from Hot91.1 in a game of wheelchair basketball as part of Disability Action Week.

With 18 players on the court the Suncoast Spinners showed off their skills and taught the newbies a few tricks at the USC Sports Stadium.

The game was organised by STEPS Community Services support worker Brian Kerr and client Eli Leafe, who wanted to get back into wheelchair basketball in a more social atmosphere.

Disability Action Week is held annually in September with the aim of empowering people with disability, raising awareness of disability issues, and improving access and inclusion throughout the wider community.

Playing on and off for around ten years Eli said the game is a great chance to meet new friends, keep fit and learn new skills.

“It keeps me active and I really enjoy the social side of the game,” he said.

With no plans for a rematch just yet Eli said the new players did well for their first game.

“It was great! Everyone gave it a really good go and played really well. We all had such a good time, I can’t wait for the next one!”

Brian said the game was a chance for able-bodied people to give wheelchair basketball a go and see just how much skill is required to play.

“The way some of those players move their chair is unbelievable; literally running circles around some of the first time players. It was an opportunity for the players to give something new a go and see just how hard wheelchair basketball actually is,” he said.

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