Volunteers step right up

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Amanda Frost is one of the 19%  of people that volunteer their  time in Australian workplaces.

All over Australia, volunteers are  making enormous contributions to  organisations of all types, and STEPS’ Gin Gin office is a good example. For Amanda, giving her time at the STEPS office is empowering, and creating hope for the future, not only for herself, but for those she assists in her administration and training role. She said volunteering is proving to be a vital part of her rebuilding confidence after, due to ill health, she was forced to resign from a job she had held for 25 years.

“The feeling of loss and uselessness was almost overwhelming after having a full, busy and active life,” said Amanda, reflecting on her life before volunteering. “Someone told me about STEPS and the service they provide in the community, so I went along hoping I could find the much needed confidence and self esteem to create a new life. The future is looking a lot brighter. With new skills under my belt and with the backup of STEPS’ staff – who have been a life saver – I see employment in the future.”

Sue Ellsum, another volunteer at the STEPS office has assisted Amanda update her computer skills. Together they continue to help many Gin Gin locals.

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