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With mental illness being the leading cause of disability in the nation affecting 1 in 5 Australians every year, STEPS is committed to providing mental health services aimed at supporting and empowering individuals, reducing stigma and skilling workforces to better support people with a mental illness.

And since Mental Health Week is acknowledged during the week of 5 to 13 October 2019, now is the time to think about ways of looking after our own mental health while also reaching out to others who need support.

‘Take time for mental health’ is this year’s theme, one which resonates with STEPS Chief Executive Officer Kerry Staines.

“Taking the time to reflect on mental health is why our holistic approach towards wellbeing, support and advocacy has made STEPS a leader in mental health recovery strategies,” Kerry says.

Mental Health Week coincides with World Mental Health Day, which is held on 10 October every year. With people around the globe acknowledging the value of mental health, Kerry said it’s encouraging to see the associated stigmas beginning to break down.

“STEPS helps to break down barriers for people with mental illness through our close work with local businesses and strategic partnerships with community organisations and government,” she says.

“These relationships help us achieve greater opportunities for those experiencing mental illness.”

One way STEPS actively supports mental health initiatives is through STEPS Community Services.

“A huge part of what STEPS Community Services does is centred around supporting people with mental illness, including those with severe and persistent mental illness, on their journey to recovery,” Kerry says.

STEPS Community Services coordinates a number of projects and recreational activities aimed at improving well-being. Classes such as art and music are offered along with social gatherings, camping, fishing and bush walking.

And because spending time in nature is a proven way to improve both mental and physical wellbeing, STEPS Nursery is a social venture offering a space where individuals can come and enjoy the health and well-being benefits of gardening while socialising, learning new skills and gaining work experience.

STEPS also provides mental health services through its Employment Solutions stream that provides services helping clients get mentally prepared for work, aiding them to find a job that’s right for them and supporting them post-employment.

STEPS Employment Solutions Manager Liza Brock says while finding work can be difficult generally, it can be especially difficult when the job seeker feels stressed, anxious or depressed. “Finding employment can play a pivotal role in mental wellbeing, which is why STEPS Employment Solutions offers tailored support and advice to assist clients with their career pathways and provides on-the-job support to ensure the best outcome for both the employer and employee.”

Kerry says while STEPS offers a number of mental health services, ultimately the goal is to provide opportunities. “By assisting a person to be healthy, well and secure, opportunities that truly make a difference, become possible” she says.

Looking for mental health support through STEPS Community Services? Contact us on 07 5456 7100

For help finding work or for free recruitment support, phone STEPS Employment Solutions on 1300 078 377

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