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As the leading provider of recruitment for the local community services, aged, home, and corporate support sectors, STEPS Staffing Solutions have been on the front line ensuring a strong workforce of front line workers fighting Coronavirus on the Coast.

Local businesses have been faced with unprecedented challenges when it comes to staffing their workplaces.

STEPS Staffing Solutions provide businesses with an answer to their current employment needs in a safe and supportive way.

Not only do STEPS Staffing Solutions support local people within the community sector, but they give back via all their profits going to STEPS Charity.

Manager at STEPS Staffing Solutions, Debbie Rawlings said they are committed to providing solutions for local businesses while focusing on the power of community in these difficult times.

“Choosing our recruitment services means you are supporting STEPS Charity and helping young people with a disability reach their goal of independence,” Ms Rawlings said.

“We understand, that now more than ever, businesses need to place to the right people into their organisations for a safe and sustainable future, and that’s where we can help.

“We’ve know it’s a tough time for local businesses but what we also know from Coronavirus is that businesses have adapted and the community has united to support those most in need.

“We’re proud to deliver for our clients and we’re proud that all the profits we achieve go to STEPS Pathways College, for us this is a big point of difference – it gives us the reason ‘why we do what we do.’

“And it shows in our team’s passion for the work they do each day,” she said.

With all profits from STEPS Staffing Solutions going towards the STEPS Charity, the STEPS Pathways College is a big beneficiary of this.

An innovative program that supports young people with a disability, the STEPS Pathways College is an Australian first and provides young adults living with a disability with the knowledge and skills to live independently in the community.

STEPS Staffing Solutions provide the Pathways College with all their staff who are doing wonderful things in the community.

STEPS Pathways College manager Steph Patey says working with STEPS Staffing Solutions to recruit staff, makes her life easier, so she can focus on her core business.  

“I don’t have to worry about the recruitment of the staff, I don’t have to worry whether or not the staff are showing up on shifts, I can just focus on my job,” Ms Patey said.

STEPS Staffing Solutions is part of STEPS Group, a not-for-profit organisation making a difference by providing opportunity through a range of community services and charitable programs, education and training and employment support.

Debbie Rawlings believes one of the things her clients love about choosing their recruitment services is knowing they are helping young people living with disability reach their goals of independence.

“Our clients love that they can also be part of something bigger, that by working with us they not only benefit their business, they’re helping to create opportunities and give back to their community too,” Ms Rawlings said.

With 40 years of combined industry experience, the team at STEPS Staffing Solutions have extensive recruitment expertise backed by processes designed to provide compliant and responsible services.

STEPS Staffing Solutions is a Registered Queensland Labour Hire Provider and Corporate Member of the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association of Australia.

Visit www.stepsstaffingsolutions.com.au to find out how their services can help your business and make a difference.

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