Qld Mental Health Week: Take the Time for Mental Health

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This is the week the State of Queensland shines a spotlight on mental health and wellbeing. 

At STEPS, we see this week as an opportunity to take a closer look at individual and community mental health and to open up the conversation with the community we support, to ensure the services we provide are giving the most benefit and the most potential for personal empowerment. 

The theme for this year’s Qld Mental Health Week is Take time — for mental health.

It’s a good reminder about the importance of taking time out from our busy and complicated lives to do some of the things that boost our mental wellbeing. It’s also a reminder to take the time to have conversations about mental health in our workplaces and communities to help break down the stigma that can be associated with mental illness.

One in five Australians will suffer from mental health issues at least once in their lives. This week’s focus comes back to all of us needing to ‘take time’ to care for our mental wellness. What was once a misunderstood and feared subject, is now an everyday reality for many people. 

STEPS Community Services coordinates several projects and recreational activities aimed at improving the well-being of people dealing with mental illness, including those with severe and persistent mental illness. Classes such as art and music are offered along with social gatherings, camping, fishing, and bushwalking.

STEPS also runs social enterprise ventures which offer a space for individuals to socialise, learn new skills, and gain valuable work experience. STEPS Commercial Cleaning and Car Cleaning run as businesses to give people with mental illness rewarding and flexible employment opportunities.

Finding work can be difficult, especially when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, but getting a job often plays a pivotal role in the journey to mental well-being.

STEPS Employment Solutions is a specialised employment service that helps people mentally prepare for work, find a job that’s right for them, and provides ongoing support to facilitate long-term success. 

If you or someone you know are looking for mental health support, please contact STEPS by phoning 07 5456 7100. For help finding work, phone STEPS Employment Solutions on 1300 078 377.

This Qld Mental Health Week, we’ love to hear from you. If you want to add to the conversation about individual or community health, please email us your thoughts at enquiries@stepsgroup.com.au

And don’t forget – take time! 

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