Overcoming barriers to achieve employment and purpose

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A success story from Aikenvale, QLD

In May 2023 Graham Hanson was referred to STEPS Aitkenvale by the MIRT unit at the Kirwan Health Campus.

Graham was long term unemployed and struggled to gain meaningful employment due to psychological barriers.

During his initial appointment with STEPS, Graham advised staff that he lacked self-confidence and self-esteem, but was very keen and motivated to get back into the workforce. To him, having a job would give him back a sense of purpose.

Since commencing with STEPS, Graham’s dedicated Job Coach Evan Ah Wing has supported him with reviewing and creating his resume, challenging him with conversations around building self-esteem and confidence, as well as setting motivational talks during and between appointments.

Graham Hanson finds meaningful employment with the support of STEPS staff at Aitkenvale, QLD.

Evan leveraged his teammates in the Aitkenvale office and collaboratively they agreed that a trolley collector role with MSN Enterprises, a regular employer of STEPS Group, would be suitable. Graham had previously expressed his interest of doing trolley work. Evan promptly contacted MSN and a position was job carved for an 8-hour benchmark.

Evan has since organised and supported Graham to fill in his application pack, complete a police check and become familiar with log-in apps and other documentation which Graham was at first unsure about but is excited to be offered the opportunity for.

In July 2023, Graham started his employment with MSN at Kmart Aitkenvale as a Trolley Collector and has been going very well since. Evan has provided on-the-job support with Graham for his first three shifts until he built his confidence with the sign-in, sign-out procedures and the job at hand. Graham is very confident at his new role that he now enjoys.

He thanked STEPS for giving him the opportunity and says he couldn’t believe how quick it has taken STEPS to get him back on his feet in employment.

Graham receives post-placement-support on a weekly basis to ensure his new role is both suitable and sustainable, and STEPS continue to work closely with MSN to create further opportunities for our customers.

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