Minty fresh ideas: Top 13 ways to use mint

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With its sharp menthol scent, marvelous mint is one of the world’s most popular herbs. Easy to grow and boasting several stunning varieties, even the most common types of mint can be used in some incredibly ingenious ways.

 Check out our 13 fun and different ways to use this wonderful herb.

1. Zingy salads

Mint is a great ingredient to toss into summer salads, adding a fresh-tasting zing and some gorgeous green colour. It’s is also a nutritional powerhouse despite its small serving size.

2. Cool cocktails

This herb has long been a popular ingredient in some of the world’s best-known cocktails. Use it to put the mojo into a mojito or whip up a refreshing mint julep.

3. Ice cubes

It’s not just cocktails that this refreshing herb can spruce up. Freezing some mint leaves into some ice cubes gives you a handy way of flavouring anything from water to lemonade.

4. Sauces

Mint is also a magnificent ingredient at the stove. Minty sauces help give lamb chops a real kick, while it can also be used as an alternative to basil when making pesto.

5. Supercharged smoothies

On a health kick? Throw some mint leaves into your blender when making your morning smoothie for a refreshing menthol blast and a dose of vitamins.

6. Refreshing teas

Several common types of mint, like peppermint, can also be infused to make a tranquil tea. Peppermint tea is proven to help when calming complaining tummies.

7. Sugar

Jazz up a dose of sugar! Mix mint leaves and sugar in a blender and allow it to dry to create a minty baking ingredient or sweetener.

8. Basting

A sprig of mint makes a brilliant basting brush when cooking out on the barbie. Simply dab the sprig into your sauce and slather over the meat to infuse it with minty flavour.

9. Chocolate dip

For a decadent but refreshing treat, douse some mint leaves in some melted dark chocolate and allow to set in the fridge.

10. Chewing gum leaves

Avoid the rubbery feeling of chewing gum by replacing it with some fresh minty leaves for a natural breath freshener.

11. Beautiful bath salts

For a sumptuous evening soak, combine some dried mint leaves with some Epsom salts. You can also add some essential oils or cucumber slices for a few different spins.

12. Fabulous face masks

Add some invigorating crushed peppermint leaves to your clay face mask for a revitalizing home spa treatment.

13. Potpourri

Dried mint leaves can also help freshen up your home. Cocoon them in some cheesecloth and hang them in the wardrobe or tuck them under your pillow and inhale that wonderful menthol scent.

Want more mint in your life? Our herbs are waiting for you to take them home. Pop into STEPS Nursery and pick them up now.

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