How to find the best DES provider for you

Disability Employment Services (DES) providers come in various sizes and business types, and are as diverse as the communities they are a part of.

Here are three tips for finding a DES provider that best suits your needs and goals.

Meet the staff

The staff are an important part of your experience with a DES provider.

You’ll be meeting with the staff often, and they’ll be supporting you as you prepare, find and maintain employment. It’s a good idea to meet the staff and ensure you feel understood and appreciated.

“Our Hobart team are great listeners and love making people feel welcome,” STEPS Hobart manager David Johns said.

Location, location, location

When meeting other people, whether it’s a catch-up with friends or an appointment in town, everyone wants to feel comfortable and safe, and enjoy a convenient commute.

Meeting with your DES provider should be no different. Consider providers that are located in areas you’re already familiar with, or offer flexible options for meeting and engaging with you.

“We’re located in the heart of Hobart, and our office is fully accessible,” David said.

“But one of my favourite things about the way we work is if a customer would prefer to meet somewhere closer to their home, in a coffee shop, online or another location, we’re totally flexible.”

It’s all about you

Nobody wants to feel like a number. Your needs and your own personal goals are important, so take time to list these and find a DES provider that is understanding and offers personalised support.

“We believe that our jobseekers’ goals are the keys to our own success,” David said.

“We help our customers with tailored coaching and advice to assist them with their career pathways, as well as provide on-the-job support to ensure the best outcome for both the employer and employee.”

It’s what we do and how we work with people in our community that makes the difference. Find your closest STEPS Employment Solutions office today.

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