Equal opportunities in the workplace

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STEPS Employment Solutions have been providing disability employment services on the Sunshine Coast for 30 years.

What started as a small group of parents looking to fill the gap in support for their children with a disability who were leaving school, turned into a national roll out of disability employment support services providing people with a disability more equitable access to the workforce and financial independence.

STEPS Managing Director Carmel Crouch was one of those parents determined to ensure her child had the same opportunities to employment as everyone else, and today she continues to drive STEPS’ vision for equal employment opportunities for people with a disability.

She said that while much had been achieved in improving the rate of disability employment over the last 30 years, there were many employers who were yet to realise the benefits of employing someone with a disability.

“People with a disability bring a whole swag of skills and specific traits that can be a real positive to any workplace, including great problem-solving skills, flexibility and loyalty,” Ms Crouch said.

“Many of the jobseekers we work with are skilled and experienced within their field, it is our job to encourage employers to see past the disability and instead see the unique abilities of each candidate.”

In the last month STEPS have helped over 1000 people with a disability on the Sunshine Coast find work.

STEPS provide a range of opportunities to help people back into the workforce and on track to their chosen career.

They provide jobseekers with one on one support to ensure they’re prepared for employment and succeed in their new role. STEPS can help people with;

  • Setting career goals
  • Resume writing and interview preparation
  • Training to improve workplace skills
  • Helping to find and apply for jobs
  • Support once they find work
  • Workplace advice and information

In addition to disability employment services, STEPS also offer full recruitment service to employers, run workshops and courses that increase employability skills, and offer training designed in conjunction with local industry to skill jobseekers for local jobs.

For help with finding work or for free recruitment support phone STEPS Employment Solutions on 1300 078 377


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