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Our experience in helping people with a disability, injury or illness find work and our local market knowledge has made STEPS a trusted name in providing supported employment services.

Your Path to Success - Creating Education Solutions that Align with Real Market Needs

Our unwavering commitment to industry partnerships and flexible learning methods paves the way for remarkable achievements among our employers and students.

We hold the belief that by attending to the unique needs of our customers, we actively enrich the social and economic landscape of the entire community, fostering a brighter future for all.

Learning Made Easy


Ignite your potential with our broad array of courses, tailor-made to foster your growth and independence.


Thirsty for knowledge? With STEPS, you're not just signing up for a course, you're embarking on a journey of discovery.


Ready to turn possibilities into realities? Your journey to empowerment begins here.

Range Of Courses Available

At STEPS, we redefine the parameters of success. For us, it’s not a mere headcount of graduates passing through our doors that defines achievement, but the profound impact we create through every step of our educational journey. Our true measure of success lies in the transformative experiences we orchestrate for our students and the tangible solutions we deliver to the employers who entrust us with their workforce needs.

STEPS Pathways College. Hands On Learning

Through our hands on approach, we empower you to build the confidence necessary for independent living.
Designed specifically for young adults with disabilities and autism, provides an enriching environment to master independent living skills in both classroom and community settings
Unlock your potential and embark on a transformative journey with the STEPS Pathways Boarding Program empowering you to embrace a brighter and more autonomous future.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers five key areas, including home living skills, kitchen and food preparation, healthy living, real-life skills, and numeracy, literacy, and technology, all delivered through interactive online classes