Cairns Celebrating International Women’s Day

On Friday, March 8th, 2024, the Cairns Regional Council celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting its annual breakfast. The breakfast included an award ceremony honouring the women of the community and their contributions, impact, and triumphs. Of the influential women nominated, STEPS’ General Manager of SEE and AMEP, Cassie Stanley, was one of the Women’s […]

A moment with Michaela

Michaela at her computer

After working with us for over four months, STEPS communications officer Michaela Hewitt sat down to tell us more about herself and her role in marketing and communications. What is your role at STEPS? What is a typical day? I am a communications officer at STEPS. Usually the first thing I do when I come […]

Staff Profile: Beth in Bundaberg

Staff Profile: Beth in Bundaberg

I have a dual role in the Bundaberg office.  Wearing one hat, I work as an Employment Consultant supporting jobseekers.  I have begun to specialise on working with deaf clients.  I have been learning Auslan for about three months and whilst I am not fluent, I can manage a reasonable conversation with the jobseekers that […]