Carmel the right fit for the job

Townsville STEPS Employment Solutions created a perfect match recently when they set to solve Carers Qld’s latest recruitment woes.

When Carers Queensland, the peak body representing the diverse concerns, needs and interests of the nearly 500,000 carers in Queensland, needed a full-time Admin assistant for their Aitkenvale office recently, they were inundated with over 800 job applicants.

What they didn’t realise was that their dream applicant was right under their noses the whole time.

Waiting in the wings was Carmel, who had been working as a temp for Carer’s Qld since mid June and while she didn’t have all the qualifications required for the role, the skills she had learned on the job combined with a strong work ethic and passion for the job put Carmel at the front of the line.

Carmel’s Employment Consultant Linda Di Betta, said that since Carmel started her new role her confidence had gone through the roof and was growing daily.

“We’re proud of Carmel’s success and improvement within her life and her new job, and we’re proud of the partnership we have with employers like Carer’s Queensland”, Linda said.

Now, almost 2 months down the track Carer’s Qld Team Leader, Kirsty Ahern, said that she couldn’t have asked for a better employee.
“STEPS have been ridiculously supportive. Wonderfully flexible, prompt with responses and I never have to chase anything. They just made the process very easy”.

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