7 job skills employers look for when hiring

Have you got the skills employers are looking for? No matter the job or the role, there are 7 general skills that employers look for when hiring employees.

1. Communication

Good written and verbal skills are a must in the workplace. To be productive and effective, employees need be able to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently to others.

2. Problem-Solving

Issues and problems are going to arise, which is why having the ability to think critically and logically to solve complications is a desired skill.

3. Team work

At times staff have to work together on group projects. To accomplish results you need to be able to work and collaborate with others by generating ideas and sharing responsibilities.

4. Organisation

Organisation is a desired skill in the workplace. Employers want to hire people who are going to meet deadlines and make efficient use of their time.

5. Self-Management

Employers want people who are capable of working and accomplishing goals without supervision. Being aware of what is required of you and having the ability to monitor your own progress is a big positive in the eyes of your boss.

6. Initiative

The ability to think ahead, anticipate what needs to be done and complete that task is a valued skill in the workplace. Those who demonstrate initiative often reach goals faster than those who don’t.

7. Learning

Businesses are continually changing and adapting to suit new demands and employees must adjust accordingly. Successful employees have a willingness to gain knowledge and learn new skills that help them achieve results in a changing environment.

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