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Aaron, Barsumya and Shemsoon are Sunshine Coast job seekers and are keen and eager to gain paid employment in garden and/ or lawn care or any other area they may be suited.

Currently working as volunteers for 4 Paws, performing garden and ground maintenance duties every Friday. They are doing a fantastic job and Anne Cranitch, their Supervisor is delighted with the difference and transformation they have made to the grounds which has included clearing gardens and replanting, brush cutting and rubbish removal (as the grounds were in some disrepair before the brothers started their volunteer placement). Now the brothers use a whipper snipper, ride on and manual lawn mower to keep the grounds neat and tidy. They have also taken up painting the amenity block as part of their duties. Aaron,

Aaron is also keen to work in any area of mechanical, he is very good at working out and fixing problems with small engines/components and also has experience working in the tyre industry. Barsumya and Shemsoon are also very keen to help out in any way and are also interested in stacking shelves, making up boxes, packing and cleaning duties.

Employers are eligible for a wage subsidy and supported wage if offering Aaron, Barsumya or Shemsoon a minimum of 8 hours of paid employment per week.

If you’ve got a great position for Aaron, Barsumya or Shemsoon please contact.

Angie Doorman. Employment Consultant – Maroochydore

P 0488 680 010


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