Remote trainers provide opportunity for skills development

Remote communities provide unique challenges to our trainers. With a bit of innovative thinking however they always find opportunities, not only impart skills and knowledge, but to do so in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their students lives.

Galiwin’ku is the largest community on Elcho island, about 550km north east of Darwin. Our fabulous trainer Sandra (pictured above with some of her students) delivers the Skills for Education & Training program here and is always looking for learning opportunities.

Many of her students participate in a retail/woodwork training program which operates as a small business. They learn the carpentry trade and make various items – mostly furniture which they sell locally from the second-hand shop attached to the workshop.

Students become familiar with units of measurements and mathematic concepts while learning this practical skill and Sandra creates innovative projects to increase a variety of other skills as well.

When the wooden toy trucks that the students had been working on were ready for sale, Sandra came up with the idea to create a flier to advertise them in town. The students set to work enthusiastically – it was a great project which incorporated literacy, design and digital technology skills, they also discussed costs and had a planning session around where to place the flier for maximum exposure.

Everyone was very pleased with the result and learnt in a real and relevant context, business wise, culturally and educationally.

Just have a look at what they came up with!

Flier created by students

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