Graduating on a high note

We are so happy for our latest group of aged care students who have now graduated and are off to begin their career in the growing Aged Care industry.

Of the 20 students in the class, 12 successfully secured employment well before completing the course including one young 17 year old student who is doing the course under the Year 12 Fee Free Incentive program. Another 6 have been asked to submit their resumes to the facilities once they have their qualifications (and we were told they headed straight there after graduation!)

The graduation ceremony was held at the George Street Campus and the students went to great effort to make it a special day with not one, but two, fabulous cakes and a unique musical performance from Daniel which he wrote as his way of thanking the group.

As usual, the students had nothing but praise for our exceptional trainers and Aged Care staff, Wendy and Ferne, who’s reputation in the industry is second to none and great efforts are reflected by the quality of graduates.

We wish you all the very best in starting your exciting new career path!


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