6 habits for more effective learning

Enhance your learning with these quick tips!

Find a space and time to learn

Get the most out of your study time and choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can focus and won’t get distracted. It helps to set regular times to learn.

Keep in mind that people function best at different times of the day, some are more productive in the morning, while others work better in the evening. Make sure you choose a time to learn that suits your needs best.

Make a plan and set small goals

Maximise your time by determining what you would like to achieve in each of your sessions. Write a list of what you would like to have completed and set time frames for each task. To stay on track you can set alarms to signal when you should move on to the next task.

Identify how you best learn

We all learn differently, some find that learning is easier when it is displayed visually (i.e. diagrams, pictures), and others like to hear the information (i.e. read notes aloud, or make a recording). There are different styles of learning, and you can become a more effective student if you determine what style works best for you.

Take breaks

Short breaks when learning can be beneficial, hitting the pause button on study gives you time to absorb and reflect on the information you have covered.

Ask for help

If you are confused or don’t understand something, ask someone for help. A big part of learning is about asking questions.


Go over what you have learnt at a later date. Going back to material can further your understanding and ensures you remember it all correctly.

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