4 ways pets can boost your wellbeing

Give your pet an extra pat today because your four-legged friend could be helping to improve and maintain your wellbeing. Check out the 5 ways that pets can boost your wellbeing and keep you in good health.

Pets reduce stress and anxiety

Studies show that patting your pet can have a calming effect on pet owners. Stroking your pets can reduce stress and anxiety and just being nearby can benefit you. A US study found when people completed a stressful task they felt better when their pets were with them, rather than having a family member or friend close by.

Pets boost your fitness

Man’s best friend is also man’s best fitness trainer. One study found that dog owners who regularly walk their dogs were less likely to become obese than non-dog owners. Is there a better motivator then an eager pup wanting to get outdoors?

Pets reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness

Your four-legged friend can chase off those feelings of loneliness. Pets keep you company and can be a source of comfort. One study found that owners can receive just as much social support from their pet as a family member, and that on average pet owners were less lonely than non-pet owners.

Pets can boost mood and self-esteem

Could you have a bigger fan than your pet? Pets think you’re the best and they show it – coming home to a pet who is excited to see you is an instant mood booster. Offering no judgments, unconditional love and acceptance, it’s no wonder that pets raise our self-esteem.

While pets are great pals, they are a big responsibility and require a big commitment so be sure you are ready to love them for their entire life.


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