8 Best Plants To Keep Mosquitoes Away


Tired of that horrible high-pitched mosquito whine offending your ears? These eight plants can help to repel those repulsive bugs. Most of these fantastic plants contain essential oils that mosquitoes find repugnant, so you might need to crush some of their leaves onto your skin to get the most benefit. 1. Basil The humble, beautiful […]

Minty fresh ideas: Top 13 ways to use mint

Hand holds mint leaves

With its sharp menthol scent, marvelous mint is one of the world’s most popular herbs. Easy to grow and boasting several stunning varieties, even the most common types of mint can be used in some incredibly ingenious ways.  Check out our 13 fun and different ways to use this wonderful herb. 1. Zingy salads Mint […]

Winter wonders: 7 fast-growing veggies to plant now


Is your veggie patch looking a bit bare? It’s not too late in the year to liven up your garden! With these seven winter veggies, you can plant now and harvest in weeks. Head into STEPS Garden Centre to stock up on these beauties. 1. Herbs – harvest in 0 to 8 weeks Herbs are […]

Julie digs deep for community causes


Julie Campbell only moved to Shelly Beach late last year, but already she has rolled up her sleeves and volunteered for several causes across the community including  a charity op shop, a conservation group and STEPS Nursery. “I’ve also put my name down to volunteer with the turtle group, but so many people want to […]

Gardening is good for you – Fact!


STEPS Nursery has long provided a place for members of the community to gather, learn and share the benefits of gardening. While we see these wellbeing effects on our volunteers, staff and customers first hand, it’s great to know the facts behind the feels! Health and wellbeing benefits of being out and about in the […]