Virtual reality bus ready to visit rural and remote QLD


Three National Disability Coordination Officers are hitting the road for a 3405km road trip to inspire minds and help people see career and study possibilities in rural and remote Queensland. The vehicle of choice is a specially-fitted virtual reality bus, which will allow 448 participants to virtually explore different career paths including mining, agriculture, health, […]

How to find the best DES provider for you


Disability Employment Services (DES) providers come in various sizes and business types, and are as diverse as the communities they are a part of. Here are three tips for finding a DES provider that best suits your needs and goals. Meet the staff The staff are an important part of your experience with a DES […]

6 ways volunteering can benefit you and your career

smiling volunteers`

Looking for work? Volunteering has many benefits but did you know it can also benefit your career? Here’s how you can improve your employability and make volunteering work for you. Volunteering can: Give you an opportunity to try new things and discover what you are passionate about. If you are unsure about what direction you […]

6 tips to land a job interview

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Job searching? The process can sometimes be long and stressful. You can ease the pressure by following these easy steps to secure an interview for the job you want. 1. Write a brief resume and cover letter A resume and cover letter is your chance to make a good first impression, so spend some time […]

Work in a remote community a rewarding experience


Off the coast of Arnhem Land on the beautiful remote island community of Millingimbi, trainer Glen Wood has found a job he loves and a lifestyle that suits him to a tee. Glen is a trainer for STEPS’ Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program helping people gain the skills needed to achieve employment in […]

5 ways to improve your communication skills

Two women talking at a desk

There’s a reason why we say communication is key. It’s because communication is how we connect to others. It’s how we express our thoughts, feelings and ideas to the people around us, and it’s also how we come to understand them. Unfortunately not all of us have the ability to convey our message clearly. Still, […]