No Blackboards for Hobart SEE Students

If you think blackboards and textbooks when you think of literacy and numeracy training then think again!

Students in our Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program in Hobart have begun the year with a range of activities such as researching the cricket and tennis, making bracelets/anklets, cooking, orienteering, rock climbing – even learning to use power tools!

“So how can these activities help someone with literacy and numeracy and finding a job?”,  we hear you ask…

Students gain fine dexterity skills and patience when taking part in craft activities, they also have to read instructions and often complete the activity at home reinforcing these skills. Following recipes and directions requires concentration, organisational and basic arithmatic skills and learning new things such as how to use power tools increases independence and gives foundational skills that can be built upon in the workplace.

“Thinking of new and innovative ways to keep students engaged while teaching them new skills is the essence of what we do here at STEPS” says Jess, Training Coordinator at our Hobart Office “I love seeing the students faces when we take them out for activities and they realise they are enjoying learning”.

Recent Case Studies (*note names have been changed)

Sebastian* was a very shy young man with a goal of gaining an apprenticeship in building. He had completed a certificate in construction but struggled to write application letters. Since starting with STEPS Sebastian* is alot more confident in himself, he walks into class smiling, greets everyone and is very comfortable in his surroundings. He had his first interview a week ago (with lots of practices!) and is looking forward to possibly gaining a traineeship. Massive steps forward for him!

Mary* spoke very little English when she was referred to us, her confidence levels were low and she was unsure of her goals or future plans. After a little over a month with us she now confidently speaks in front of a group and is writing full sentences. Although she will be missed, we are happy to report that Mary* is no longer with STEPS – instead, she is working full time in a local hotel with good prospects for her future.

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

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