It Makes Good Business Sense to Employ People With a Disability

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Studies show that people with disability take fewer days off, take less sick leave and stay in jobs longer than other workers, with real cost savings being realised through less staff turnover and lower recruitment costs.

That’s just the start of a long list of benefits that people with disability bring to a workplace. Not only do they add to a company’s diversity, they can also enhance their reputation to both customers and the community.

STEPS Employment Solutions offers recruitment services to a broad range of businesses and organisations at no cost, working with employers to find the best possible outcomes for their business needs.

STEPS Employment Solutions Executive Manager Phoebe Payne believes all businesses can benefit from hiring a person with a disability, not only by achieving their recruitment and broader business goals, but also from the valuable attributes a person with a disability brings to the workplace such as creating valuable customer relationships and boosting staff morale.

“We’ve supported thousands of people into employment, building confidence with our customers and the benefits are real for both employers and employees,” Phoebe said.

“Most people with a disability won’t need changes to the workplace, so it’s a good idea to chat with your employees first.

“Any modifications that are needed can usually be arranged at no cost to employers through the Australian government’s Job Access program”.

“Feedback from our clients is that they are not only happy with their new staff member, they also love that they get to be a part of something that gives back to the community and makes real change.

“We not only find the best fit staff for the business, we really get to know and work closely with businesses to provide the best possible recruitment solutions.

“We offer ongoing support to make sure the candidates placed are working out well and meeting the business objectives and expectations.

“We offer recruitment services to a broad range of businesses and organisations at no cost, it’s a real win-win situation,” Phoebe said.

Phoebe believes there is still much work to be done to increase the employment rate of people with a disability and  help shift the broader mindset from ‘what people can’t do, to what people can do’ in the community.

Bond Busters Business Owner Bonnie Dean recommended using STEPS to find staff.

“With government incentives supporting employing someone with a disability we were able to spend a bit more time training our staff from STEPS Employment Solutions knowing a few weeks of their wage were already covered,” Bonnie said.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data almost one in five or 4.3 million Australians reported living with disability. Entering employment can help to provide people with a disability with increased confidence, expand their social network and social skills as well as an opportunity to develop a career, providing economic security which leads to a better standard of living and overall wellbeing.

As a for-purpose organisation STEPS Employment Solutions hope to stimulate change and create greater opportunity for people with a disability.

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