STEPS Client’s Momentum Towards Career Goal Through DES and Work Mates

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Recently a STEPS Employment Solutions Disability Employment Services (DES) client has taken the steps to achieving their career goals with assisstance from their local STEPS team. Wesley joined the DES program with STEPS Group Australia in November 2021.  During his time in the DES program Wesley has had a few employment opportunities in labour type roles. However, Wesley’s passion has always been in the motor vehicle industry and his goal is to work his way up via an apprenticeship to become a mechanic.

At a meeting with his dedicated Job Coach Ricky Fry, Wes and his mum enquired about Steps Work Mates Program. At the time he was participating in a group program session like Work Mates at Break Through under SLES funding, and he thought the one-on-one service that STEPS can provide may have been more beneficial.

Since then, Wesley has been assigned with Job Readiness Trainer Anthony Doosjen, participating in 1:1 sessions while still attending his fortnightly DES appointments.

In March 2023 Wesley started working at a meat processing plant JBS to support his family, working 10-hour shifts four days a week. Although this was a great income opportunity for Wesley, the stress and physical demands on Wesley’s body meant that this employment opportunity was neither suitable nor sustainable.

Knowing Wesley’s passion was for the automotive industry, Anthony approached Automotive Repair Centre (A.R.C.) to build a relationship and seek out work experience for him. This opportunity was the foot in the door that Wesley needed to work towards aligning his passion with employment. A short time later Anthony and Ricky worked together to negotiate for a paid position for Wesley at Burson’s Auto Parts. Wesley is now a sales assistant for automotive spare parts. Wesley now has a much healthier work life balance in an industry he loves, and his employer is very happy with the great passion and work ethic Wesley brings to the team.

At this stage Wesley is doing a lot of stock work and learning where everything is. He will soon be learning more about customer service. Ricky and Anthony will continue to support Wesley in his employment.

Wesley’s career goals remains to secure an apprenticeship in motor mechanics but currently he is very happy to be working with car parts and learning about the industry that he is so passionate about.


Wesley working at Automotive Repair Centre.


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