Overcoming barriers through Work Mates program

 In Employment Solutions, STEPS

When Camden Mackie first came to STEPS at Aitkenvale, he was very introverted and shy. His autism diagnosis poses daily challenges, with social anxiety as his biggest barrier he faces when trying to obtain employment or participate in community events.

But Camden was not going to let anything stand in his way of achieving his goals: to get his Provisional driving plates and his Responsible Service of Alcohol.

When he reached out to STEPS Employment Solutions, Camden was paired with Job Readiness Trainer Tony Doosjen to help him work towards completing his goals. In less than a year Camden has gone from struggling verbally to increased confidence to the point where he can sit and chat with a stranger.

Since being with STEPS Camden has completed his R.S.A. This month Camden successfully obtained his P plates on his first attempt and has transport independence. His confidence continues to grow.

Camden is now working with his dedicated Job Readiness Trainer Tony to achieve new goals of employment and financial independence. He has been with Work Mates for nine months, and is now ready to try some work experience in a retail shop. He says he would love to work in a bottle shop or a drive-through.

STEPS Employment Solutions' Work Mates participant obtains his driving license with the help of his job readiness trainer.
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