Language Learning Through Teamwork for Cairns SEE Participants


Cairns’ SEE participants at STEPS recently enjoyed an educational excursion with their lower language class trainer Justyna. The group went to Cairns Central Shopping Centre to do a team scavenger hunt. Justyna gave her students a worksheet with a list of tasks to complete in small teams.  

The aim of the exercise was to practice their communication skills as well as learning to work as a team, honing their time management skills and learning to complete tasks.  

The tasks on the worksheet included maths, reading, writing, oral communication as well as workplace, health, and safety (WHS) knowledge. Students took photos to share with classmates later in the classroom as a follow-up activity. 

With guidance from their trainer and in a fun and dynamic setting, students had the opportunity to learn outside the comfort of their classroom, boosting their confidence in speaking English in public and with other participants who come from other language and cultural backgrounds. They also benefited from boosting their social skills getting to know one another. Some students also enjoyed displaying their leadership skills in the team activity. 

Afterwards the class went through the tasks on the worksheet to make sure each team scored points for correct answers. The lesson ended on a high note when everyone got to enjoy a delicious ice cream!

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

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