Fulfilling Volunteer Work for Work Mates Client

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Ian Melvin joined STEPS’ Work Mates program at Aitkenvale in March 2022 with the goal of securing a job.

As a teenager Ian had an apprenticeship in painting. He is very creative and has expressed that he would like to work in this or a similar area. 

Ian struggles with personal challenges from time to time but says the Work Mates program has helped him work through some of these challenges. 

During the last 18 months of participating in the program, Ian has worked hard on improving his communication style to increase his opportunities within the community. He has recently been working with Job Readiness Trainer Aaron Kwong. During this time, he completed assisted and independent research for voluntary work positions after identifying it would be a great stepping stone into work experience that could optimally lead to paid employment. 

With assistance from Aaron, Ian went face to face marketing to secure voluntary employment. In September, Ian was offered voluntary employment at the Willows Presbyterian Church as a handyperson. He takes great pride in his work as he gets great personal satisfaction from knowing he is helping the community. 

Ian advised that he feels his life experiences assist him to build rapport and provide advice, knowledge, and reflection with members of the church community.  This has assisted Ian to grow both personally and professionally. 

Ian attends Willows Presbyterian Church once a fortnight and looks forward to this as much as we look forward to supporting him to achieve his next goals towards paid employment. 

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