young Australians living in aged care homes
young people are living permanently in public and private hospitals
parents of children with a disability fear for the future of their child

Why are the figures so high?

Australia is experiencing a crisis in disability housing which means more and more young people will be forced to live in conditions that no one should have to endure. That’s thousands of young Australians with a disability who have not been given the opportunity to live independently. We want to change the state of living for people with a disability.


By teaching young people in our community the skills they need to live in their own home, and make decisions and choices about the way they want to live. People with a disability will be given the opportunity to learn how to live independently in purpose built homes designed to provide a supportive environment that reflects independent living.

Can you help create a brighter future
for young people with a disability?

The STEPS Charity are working to raise funds to construct an independent living training facility and program which will provide hundreds of young people with a disability the opportunity to live independently. There are many ways you can support this project such as making a donation, by providing support in the form of professional or trade services, or by donating products and materials that can be used to develop the facility and training material. If you’d like to learn more about how you can support this program please call us on 07 5458 3000 or send us an email at charity@stepsgroup.com.au

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Help create a brighter future for young people with a disability

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